Forty Weeks of Learning

Each course in the E- Learning and Online Teaching Graduate Certificate program is eight weeks in length.  I am amazed at what 40 weeks of learning can produce in a well designed program.  Reflective journaling is a learning activity that promotes metacognition and is an integral part of the certificate program.

Select ‘Reflections’ and you will  find examples of my reflective journal entries from the four courses leading to the Practicum.  Each reflection is taken from final journal entries written during my time as a student in the courses.  I have added a final note to each reflection to thank the course facilitator.  From each I take many pearls of wisdom to use as I move forward as an online educator.

The “Reflective Conversations” tab takes you to a journal project written midway through my final course.  This reflection centers on one main theme – time.  It describes my thoughts and observations from the point of view of an intern participating in the epitome of authentic learning.

I believe you will see my progress and growth as I expanded my horizons.